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About the Show

High Places

Summit's High Places presents hunting like you do it, with amazing hunting action and real-life situations that are sure to increase your heart rate. The footage they produce brings you up-close and personal on deer, bear and elk hunts charged with high-intensity action. The Team lives to hunt, and it shows. While they're always looking for that trophy buck, they often won't pass up a doe, because each member holds a hunter's heart in the truest sense. This is real hunting with all of the highs and lows that make our sport the most exciting in the world.

Hosted on the Outdoor Channel, Summit's High Places brings you the best hunting has to offer. Segments that "Analyze the Hunt" and "Analyze the Shot," accomplished with computer graphics that won the 2007 Golden Moose Award, provide educational opportunities that make you a better hunter. Whether it's a giant Colorado bull elk in the timber or a wise old nanny doe slipping through the Alabama pines, you'll feel the adrenaline along with the Team on Summit's High Places.

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Outdoor Channel


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Code Blue
Knight & Hale


Mossy Oak
Moultrie Feeders
Sheffield Financial
Tru Fire


arctic red river outfitter

Travis Molnar
(867) 663-4934


Bighorn Basin Outfitters

Outfitter: Ryan Foutz
Guide: Kurt Wood
(801) 243-9882


Colorado Hunting Expeditions

Mark Cooley
(514) 403-1285


Emerald Xtreme Outfitters

Darin Emerald
(480) 280-4574


Frontier Outfitting

G.T. Nunn
P.O. Box 35 Bosque, NM 87006
(505) 864-9392
(505) 350-9775


Gangler's Sub-Arctic Hunting

Ken Poitras
(352) 861-3174


Louisiana Purchase Ranch

Rick Tingle
(970) 272-3006


Poitahue Hunting

Santiago Rossi
(586) 697-4758


The R & K Hunting Company

Justin Richins (435) 655-5484
Ted Kimball (801) 910-1963


Riverbend Whitetails

Sturgis, KY
Marty Smith (715) 550-0777
Jerry Dempsey (270) 952-5939


Riverrun Outfitters & tours

Cecil Fudge
(505) 864-9392
(505) 350-9775


Triple M Outfitters Unlimited

Matt Cates
(321) 863-2985


Western Timberline Outfitters

Jammin Krebs - Guide
Kyle Dunnaway - Guide
(406) 826-3874


White Lion Safaris

South Africa
Ricus DeVilliers
TX: 27-83-236-3293