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Joe Thomas

North American game enthusiast:

Joe Thomas first made a name for himself in the Outdoors as a Professional Bass Angler. His notoriety and personality soon evolved into a career as a TV host on Outdoor Channel, hosting several top fishing shows on their network. As an avid archery hunter Thomas followed his passion and diversified his career as host of a popular Midwestern hunting Show, Reel in the Outdoors. Most recently, Thomas has guest hosted on Sheffield Financial’s Ultimate Hunting and Summits High Places.


Joe continues pursuing his lifetime goal of harvesting all 29 North American Game animals with a Bow. He is well on his way, having taken 19 of those animals to date with 10 of those qualifying for the Pope & Young Record Book. In  2011 he took the new #2 Pope & Young Woodland Caribou while shooting for an episode of Scent Lok's High Places. Several magazines have spotlighted Joes hunting accomplishments!

Hunting Tips

Hunting Tip #1   Maximize your penetration

I think anyone that has used the NuFletch systems knows how great it is to be able to change your veins right on the spot. But did you know that the added weight on the end of the arrow actually helps penetration? That added kinetic energy upon impact that you get from the rear weight actually pushes the arrow through the animal better and means more animals on the ground.

Hunting Tip #2   blinds for late season success

I’m a diehard bow hunter, but the late season does present some challenged for bow hunters. A lot of times with the lack of foliage on the trees you can feel pretty naked up there in the tree stand. Getting drawn can be a difficulty. A lot of times that’s when I incorporate a ground blind into my hunting. The critical thing with ground blinds is—especially with big whitetail bucks—is you want to get them in there early, you want to brush them in, and you want to let the deer get used to them. If you can do those couple of things and get them in the right spot it can translate into a giant buck in late season.

Hunting Tip #3   Using optics out west
There is no place that optics are more critical to your hunting than the western United States. Montana, Utah, Wymoing, all of those big open spaces. You need good optics. I use my Leupold binoculars almost constantly on my western hunts whether it’s antelope, mule deer, or elk. I have to find my animals and then plan my stalk most of the time and I do that with my binoculars.


Joe Thomas

Joe Thomas