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Branch Warren

Meet the body builder:

Branch has been featured in many bodybuilding magazine articles, as well as appearing on the magazine covers of Muscular Development. He lives in Euless, Texas with his wife Trish Warren, and trains at MetroFlex Gym in Arlington, Texas with long time friend and Trainer, Brian Dobson. Branch has been an avid outdoorsman since childhood. He is an advocate for hunting and fishing on his travels across the globe through bodybuilding. Branch is known as “The Blue Collar Bodybuilder”, coming from his hardcore work ethic and having other business’ besides bodybuilding. He is also known for his huge appetite and the wild game he incorporates into his contest diets.

Hunting Tips

Hunting Tip #1   early season mock scrapes

Code Blue has allowed me as a hunter to create the ideal situation for obtaining a shooter buck. If I’m not set up in the right tree, I can bring the deer a little closer. It’s almost like reeling a deer in. For instance, in early season I can set up a mock scrape, put my Code Blue in there, and rake the leaves back. What this does is it makes deer check the spot closest to me.

Hunting Tip #2   Buck Steps

What bucks steps do is help with mobility while hunting. It allows you to set up quick, tear down quick, and move. It’s really compact with one strap going around a tree to lock it up tight. Something you want to remember is when you first set the buck step up, put your foot on the bottom and step down to firmly lock it in place and move on to the next. This lets you climb a tree that would normally be too crooked for a ladder or move around from one side of the tree to the next.

Hunting Tip #3   Shot placement
An unobstructed view of a broadside deer offers the best chance for a shot to hit the vitals. This is the favorite position for bow and gun hunters. The kill zone on the average deer is 9 inches. The broadside shot offers the hunter a clear shot on all the vitals, with even a little room for error. Aim for the heart right behind the shoulder blade. This way even if your shot goes high you will pass through the lungs providing a quick, clean, and ethical kill.


Branch Warren

Branch Warren